Welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and also find them uplifting and inspiring. ​​​​​​​ 
I have been taking photos for what seems like forever initially using film cameras.  However I was attracted to the many benefits of digital photography in the late 90's.  
By not being tied to any particular genre I see beauty everywhere and I pretty much shoot what I see.  However you will note that living in the heart of the gorgeous Lake District has had quite an influence on my photography.  Shooting Landscapes is hard to avoid and this ever changing environment means there's an endless amount of inspiration.  
Capturing Lake District wildlife is more challenging and for me this only adds to the satisfaction when things come together and you get your shot. 
I also like to explore shape, texture, pattern and contrast in my photos, hence the "other" gallery where you will find a mixed selection of photos that didn't seem to fit anywhere else.  

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